Giving Back


Lacy Boots, LLC not only supports these organizations financially but also volunteers to help with a boots on the ground  commitment.   A portion of our proceeds from sales will go directly to these amazing organizations that reach out and help people directly.   Please take some time to get to know these charitable organizations.

Eagle’s Nest Ranch is a 501(c)3  non-profit organization located in Elizabeth, Colorado. Our purpose is to bring hope, trust, and growth into the lives of those who come to the Ranch. We serve adults and children, who have experienced or who are experiencing the invisible wounds of life.


We desire to help our participants soar above adversity through one-on-one interactions with the horses. Our Healing Horses for the Armed Forces program serves the military community, while the Soaring program serves all others.

All our sessions are offered free of charge. We rely on the generosity of others who see the value of our purpose and want to partner with us to help people soar above the adversities of life.

Eagle’s Nest Ranch was founded by Suzy MacKenzie who was inspired to model a ranch ministry  after  Crystal  Peaks  Youth  Ranch  in  Oregon.   After reading the book ‘Hope Rising’ by Kim Meeder, she went to the information clinic of Crystal Peaks to figure if this was God’s call on her life.  She  left  knowing  establishing  a  similar  ranch  was her next purpose.

The name ‘Eagle’s Nest Ranch’ came easily. A nest represents a safe and nurturing place of growth  and a place to fly from. The eagle represents strength and nobility. The eagle can fly high, above the storm clouds.

The eagle is also a symbol of our country and represents freedom. This was an important connection as Eagle’s Nest Ranch  serves the military community through our Healing Horses for the Armed Forces program. What better name could there have been?

The ranch was opened in the summer of 2014. At Eagle’s Nest Ranch, we hope, we believe, and we don’t give up. We invite you to be a part of that. The ranch verse is “My God in His steadfast love will meet me.” Psalm 59:10a. God’s love for us is unconditional and never wavers. He meets us where we are in our brokenness and loves us still.

Saddle Up For Christ, Inc. is a non-profit, non-denominational ministry, operating under Epic Performance Athletes, Inc.

Epic Performance Athletes is a faith-funded ministry, operating solely on the financial support of individuals and companies who share a desire to promote sports, while  spreading the word of God. Epic encompasses all areas of an athlete's life, including improving their talent, mental stamina, physical endurance, and spiritual growth.

We provide a network of support partnering with coaches, professional athletes, licensed counselors, fitness experts, nutritionists, life coaches, and other ministries. Epic hosts free clinics in mainstream sports and rodeo.

Our clinics have something to offer for everyone. Regardless of your level of competitiveness or skill, SUFC offers a new approach - compelling our mindset to push past self-imposed limitations. Every dream is worth chasing and we believe that there is no challenge that’s too big to overcome!

The President of Epic Performance Athletes & Saddle Up For Christ is Shelly Weaver. Shelly grew up in Oklahoma and now owns and operates several oil companies with her husband. She has a dedicated team that works endlessly to ensure each clinic is done with the highest integrity. Without the army of athletes, core team members, and volunteers, these clinics wouldn't be possible.

Since SUFC has started, it has grown into the World's Largest Rodeo Clinic. In 2018, Epic Performance Athletes was formed and has stepped into mainstream sports and started hosting free clinics. Epic is focused on the youth, while SUFC is open to all ages.

It is SUFC's goal that everyone walks away from these clinics with increased knowledge in barrel racing, roping, or rough stock riding. More importantly, we pray everyone comes to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and has a new relationship with Him by the end of the clinic.