About Us

Teena Lacy and Deena Lacy Nossaman founded Lacy Boots and have been barrel racing for 20 years.    They  are familiar with the injuries caused by the extreme sport and have created boots to protect your shins from metal barrels and fence impact injuries. These highly technical  boots are extremely comfortable, fashionable and add XRD®  Extreme Impact Protection for your shins.    Along with protection for your legs ,  Lacy  Boots wanted to make apparel  to  help  keep  you  cool  when  the  competion  heats  up!    Look  for  many  beautiful  modern  and  traditional  prints  coming  soon  in  the  Cool  Cowgirl®  line  of  Shirts  with  cooling  technology.    

Giving Back

We give back to the community by partnering with charitable organizations.    A portion of the proceeds from our sales will go directly to these amazing organizations that serve people  in need.   We  not  only  support  these  organizations  through  financial  donations,  we also support  them  through volunteer work.  A boots on the ground  commitment because we truly believe in their mission.

New Shin-Protecting Designs

Keep your skin in the game!

Lacy Boots were designed to incorporate XRD ® Extreme Impact Technology into our built-in shin guards for our western riding boots.    Gone are the days of the uncomfortable,  bulky shin guards.  Cowgirl up in style and wear our boots with XRD® Extreme Impact protection  technology.  Keep your skin in the  game!!   Get out there and kick some dirt up in style!

Comfort is Our Priority

  • Thin shin guard design in the shin and knee areas to enhance impact  protection
  • Comfort for long hours  in  the  saddle
  • Less strain on ankles  from  day  one.
  • Foot beds are designed for maximum comfort
  • Our  boots  are  made  from  the  best  top-grain  leather  available,  all  high-end  materials and  craftmanship from  true  leather workers in  traditional  boot  making  in  Leon,  Mexico.

XRD® Extreme Impact Protection

 - Feel the intensity of the sport not the impact!